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These videos are included to provide background for parents' in-home use and can easily be played for the audio without showing the video. ​Please note that videos are not used in our classrooms.

Buenos Dias - Good Morning with Jose Luis Orozco

El Chocolate! with Jose Luis Orozco on Smithsonian Folkways

La Arana Pequinita - the itsy bitsy spider with Jose Luis Orozco

Adios - Adios mis amigos adios - goodbye my friends goodbye

Dos Manitos Diez Deditos - 2 hands and 10 little fingers with Jose Luis Orozco

Continents: video of a classroom and puzzle rug, child jumping to the continents with song

Run, Baby, Run: Fun song with movement: running [in place], jump up and down, spin [carefully turn around], sing lalala, clap, dance, swing [arms gently rock a baby], run!

Mexican Street Decoration
IMG_3692 2.heic
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