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Grace and Courtesy: Social Norms and Daily Practice

Washing Hands
Politician Greeting Children

Some of the lessons we help children learn at school:

  • Please and thank you

  • What the music box means [put work away]

  • What the bell means [stop, look and listen]

  • How to raise a hand at group circle

  • How to walk within the school

  • How to sit at group circle

  • Quiet inside voice

  • Greeting a teacher

  • Saying goodbye

  • Washing your hands

  • Setting a table

  • Table manners

  • Clearing the table

  • Standing in line

  • Carrying a chair

  • Pushing in a chair

  • Lining up

  • Rolling a rug

  • Un-rolling a rug

  • Carrying a tray

  • Moving a table

  • Putting lesson away

  • How to walk around a rug

  • How and when to apologize

  • How to clean up spilt liquid

  • How to clean up items on the floor

  • Tapping a teacher to get attention

  • Don't forget please and thank you!

Children in Library
Raising Arms

Grace and Courtesy: Beyond Please and Thank You. A brief article about the role of parents in helping children learn social norms through modeling and opportunities for practice. From the American Montessori Society.

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